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RainSwords™ - Samurai Katana Umbrella

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Defend Yourself From The Rain Like A Samurai!  



Defend Yourself From The Rain Like A Samurai!  

The RainSword™ is the swiftest umbrella to help you combat any storm coming your way. Designed by ex-samurai and kendo warriors, it was hand-crafted to create an authentic katana handle! 

Sling the RainSword™ on your back with the included shoulder case, and draw it out like a real sword. It springs out in 0.8 seconds with a simple push of a button. Swiftly and silently take on the rain like no other!  


  • Aerodynamic Katana Body. The RainSword was designed by ex-samurai and kendo professionals to mimic the lightweight and aerodynamics of a katana blade.
  • Weatherproof Conditioned. The unique aluminum alloy blend and 16 rib spoke head is durable and can handle any storm and wind conditions.
  • Push Button Open. Swiftly and silently open the umbrella in 0.8 seconds with the simple click of a button.
  • Samurai Carry Sleeve. Carry the RainSword on your back like a true samurai.
  • Authentic Katana Feel. The handle and grip is exactly the same feel and weight of a true katana blade, making you ready to take on the day. 

Samurai Umbrella 

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